ETNA - “Exploring Technologies and New Approaches in Art Education for Senior Adults”

(Grundvig multilateral project)

Partner: "Humanity" Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria


Product: (CD) Arts and IT Educational Games

This file contains games produced by the "Humanity" Foundation staff, aiming at:

  • promoting Arts and IT education, among adults (seniors)
  • research and discovery of the European cultural and art treasury
  • creating an attractive learning tool, equally useful for each user's personal skills development, and to a gret extent for fostering cross-generation communication with young people and children.

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 Miró 9 pieces

 Gaudí 9 pieces

 Picasso 12 pieces

 Miró variable

 Matisse variable

 Maystora 1 variable

 Maystora 2 variable

 Maystora  variable





    Memo Sofia

    UK Memo

    Miró 12 cards

    Gaudí 16 cards

     Klee  20 cards

 Matisse  24 cards

 Maystora Memo 12 cards

 Kukeri masks  Memo 20 cards