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The "Foundation Humanity" works with close co-operation with the trade union of Bulgarian teachers, Institute of the Philosophical Studies to Bulgarian Academy of Science, the department of Social, Educational and Industrial Psychology in Sofia State University "Kl.Ohridsky" and other scientific and cultural institutions.



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About us

 Foundation Humanity is established in1993 as non for profit NGO , combining the efforts of prominent Bulgarian scientists, pedagogues, artist and community authorities devoted to intellectual development, social welfare, international collaboration and peaceful future for the World.

Our Mission

The mission of Foundation Humanity is to preserve and defend human values, through asserting ethics and tolerance in human relations and defending the ecological balance on Earth.
Human rights, fight against racial and social discrimination and support for marginalized groups have been the activity focus in the permanent effort for improvement of the social, educational, cultural and health caring realities of contemporary life.
Throughout all the years of activity, the Foundation has organized a great number of public forums focusing on socially significant subjects, such as Education, Interculturality, Ageing with Dignity, Science for a Peaceful Future, Crime prevention, Care for Talented Children and many others. In collaboration with respected National Institutions, the Foundation issued more than 20 publications: Books, Almanacs, Catalogues and Research articles and took part in the realization of numerous humanitarian initiatives. One of them the International Appeal for a More Humane World, distributed among the most influential International institutions, such as the UN, EC and others, which received a highly positive response.
So far the Foundation has been active mostly at National scope, but in 2010 a new department for European collaboration was established, with the task to initiate and take part in European projects dealing with education, culture, social issues, citizenship and problems of ageing.





In respect if this project, our team can provide the consultancy of well known Bulgarian specialists in the field of Modern art and the logistic cooperation of two of our National Museums (The National Museum of Modern Art, and the Sofia City Gallery). We are ready to organize periodic guided educational visits to art museums of the target groups envisaged and thematic workshops for adult education in the premises of both above mentioned Museums. We also intend to carry out international creative workshops with the participation of hosting and visiting groups, during which non-professional art will be created under the guidance of artists, sculptors and craftsmen. An International Exhibition will display the products of these workshops in one of these Museums.


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